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How much of my money is going to Bernie's campaign? 

Because of strict campaign finance rules, no revenue from sales of my prints can be donated to the campaign directly. But relax! The Bernie 2020 campaign has licensed my artwork and uses it. Your support allows me to make more artwork and dank memes in celebration of Bernie and other progressive causes. If you are a US citizen, you are free to make an individual donation directly to the campaign!

Why $50?

These are not regular college dorm posters, they are limited archival quality prints that have travelled across the Atlantic Ocean and back again to be signed by the artist in the UK before your order is fulfilled. Once the edition is sold out, no more of that edition will be made. 

Where are they made?

In the good ol' USA. Static Medium is a print company based in Los Angeles and they print most of the prints and handle US fulfilment and shipping. 

How are prints shipped?

Larger prints are shipped in 3" postal tubes that can hold up to 3 prints per order. Smaller prints are mailed flat. Handling, packaging and shipping to anywhere in US is a flat $15. Additional prints per order (up to 3 total) are $5.

My print is missing or damaged. Now what?

For 'Not Me, Us' prints, Static Medium who are handling fulfillment and shipping are the folks you will need to contact if you have any issues with delivery. Contact info@staticmedium.com

For other orders or if you are unsure, please contact support@aledlewis.com

Who are you?

My name is Aled. I'm a designer, illustrator, and creative who lives in London, UK. Most importantly, I'm a huge Bernie supporter and I wanted to do something to promote his message and celebrate his candidacy. Here's my website.

Did you make this?

Yup. My 'Not Me, Us' artwork is licensed by Bernie's campaign. It's been used by the campaign and appears on the campaign tour bus. You may see poor quality rip-offs of this artwork selling on t-shirts and such, but unless me or the campaign are selling it, it's unlicensed and there is no evidence that proceeds are going to Bernie, so best steer clear.